Ghana Youth Entrepreneurship Project

'Spreading the Word on Potentials for Excellence in Ghana'
FI, IAS, GIZ, CIM Ghana youth project 2017-2019

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Farafina Institute's project 'Spreading the Word on Potentials for Excellence in Ghana' brought together youth across ten regions in Ghana to engage, learn, and share with each other experiences, ideas, and innovations toward harnessing resources around them for meaningful livelihoods and careers in Ghana. The project highlighted successful entrepreneurial experiences and strategies of particularly home-based young Ghanaians (and also returnees from Europe back home in Ghana) to prove wrong the mainstream lack of potential in Africa narrative.

The project ran between July 2017 and April 2019. Two key project reports are published in the links below. Please read and share with us (through emails in the documents) your views and constructive critique.

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