Core values

Farafina Institute's work is founded on, and informed by, the following six core values:

  • Professionalism: Farafina Institute conducts sound policy-relevant opinion polls and research and publishes findings that are objective and non-partisan.

  • Independence: Farafina Institute is independent and politically non-partisan in its stance and work. All staff members and research fellows honor this principle.

  • Integrity and courage: Farafina's staff and research fellows practice honesty, transparency, accountability and follow ethical guidelines. The Institute believes that courage to speak out on public wrongs is a civic duty and the secret of liberty.

  • Pro-poor and people-centerdness: Farafina Institute works for the long-term welfare of African people and advocates giving voice and visibility to all manner of people in policies that affect their lives.

  • Proactive approach: Farafina Institute does not only conduct opinion polls, research and organizes intellectual debates on Africa, but also implements specific projects aimed at combating poverty, creating wealth and improving livelihood.


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