Ghana Youth Entrepreneurship Project

'Spreading the Word on Potentials for Excellence in Ghana'
FI, IAS, GIZ, CIM Ghana youth project 2017-2019

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Farafina Institute's project 'Spreading the Word on Potentials for Excellence in Ghana' brought together youth across ten regions in Ghana to engage, learn, and share with each other experiences, ideas, and innovations toward harnessing resources around them for meaningful livelihoods and careers in Ghana. The project highlighted successful entrepreneurial experiences and strategies of particularly home-based young Ghanaians (and also returnees from Europe back home in Ghana) to prove wrong the mainstream lack of potential in Africa narrative.

The project ran between July 2017 and April 2019. Two key project reports are published in the links below. Please read and share with us (through emails in the documents) your views and constructive critique.

Ghana youth project

'Spreading the Word on Potentials for Excellence in Ghana'

FI, IAS, GIZ, CIM Ghana youth project 2017/2018

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Harnessing youth potentials locally can contribute to positive transformation in Africa while it also addresses migration pressures in origin and destination regions of the world. Farafina Institute together with its partner in the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana is currently running a one-year project in Ghana to showcase youth in established careers to encourage other young Ghanaians to harness potentials in Ghana for their careers. The project is funded by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM).   Activities will be carried out in all ten regions of Ghana. These include:

  • shoot documentaries in each region in Ghana on youth with successful careers in Ghana
  • run ten regional workshops for youth on harnessing potentials in Ghana for careers, and
  • foster networking among youth in Ghana and between Ghanaian youth and peers in other African countries
For more information please connect with us:

Peter Narh
Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana
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Claudia Koehler
Farafina Institute
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See here for some more details

'Participate Swaziland-Germany'

                      We are happy to announce the start of our new project

    'Participate Swaziland-Germany'

Young people from Swaziland, Ghana, the UK and Germany will meet up to exchange about history, politics, institutions, justice, political and governmental systems, education systems, the position of young Africans in the world and potentials of their participation in reducing inequalities in their societies. The project will bring to the attention of the public the issues of relevance for young African people.

Please find more information here

"Education, Competencies and Volunteerismus"

Be part of this conference!

"Education, Competencies and Volunteerismus"

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The 'Our Kids & Their Future 2017' conference aims to sensitize youth (Africans and Germans) about societal and cultural values, world views across different societies (Germany and African countries), awake consciousness, encourage and promote parents’ support for their kids and help encourage kids through role models in the society. This event is also intended to help build a more self-confident generation of (intercultural) young people with the support and involvement of role models beginning with their parents. Give the kids a solid foundation and counsel them as they choose their future careers in a global world!

Anybody who is interested is invited to participate! The event is free of costs.

Erasmus+ project 'Empowering Young People of African Origin for Political Participation in Europe


Farafina Institute, in cooperation with African & Caribbean Diversity and AKOMA Bildung & Kultur, and with support from the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, Erasmus+, successfully completes the project 'Empowering Young People of African Origin for Political Participation in Europe' (Participate)

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The project aimed to place a particular focus on empowerment and participation of young people of African backgrounds. This focus evolves from the finding that youth with African backgrounds do not only share limits in opportunities for involvement with other young people but do also have unequal chances for participation among young people in general in societies of European countries. Besides opportunities for participation in fields such as education, the labor market, entrepreneurship, culture and the media, this is particular true for the political field. This final project report illustrates the implementation of the project and summarizes its main findings that were generated on the basis of the workshop discussions, feedback surveys among the participants, expert interviews with representatives of African youth organisations in Germany and the UK and an online survey among young people with African backgrounds.  

Find the final report here

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