Farafina Institute to Initiate New Research Project on Extractive Resource Governance in Angola

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Project summary:

The abundance of natural resources was at the centre of protracted civil war in Angola since its independence from Portugal on 11 November 1975. Thirteen years after the conflict ended with the killing in combat of Jonas M. Savimbi, the founder of Union for Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), the post-war challenges are surmountable and deeply engrained into the pressing issues the incumbent government of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) is currently facing. These challenges relate to equitable sharing of resource revenues, the respect for basic rights and participatory development. Amid efforts to regulate the mining industry, the quest for a transformative social change is timely.

This project is at its initiale phase. All contributions from external scholars and experts is wellcome


The objectives of this research are twofold. First, it seeks to understand and explain the current institutional changes related with the adoption by the MPLA government of the new mining code. Finally, the research seeks to interpret the way in which contextual features of the political regime intervene in the causal chains that connect or separate multi-sectorial entities such as government officials, private sector and civil society organisations in the process of governance of natural resources.


The view of Angola war being fuelled by its abundant natural resources holds a sway in the existing literature about this country political economy. The research is paramount to the sense that intends to offer a fresh account on the way natural resources are being managed to halt deep inequalities and to provide empirically based perspective on how the local communities in the mining areas are claiming for greater inclusion and stake in the wealth.

Project Coordinator:

Paulo Conceição João Faria, Ph.D, Agostinho Neto University, Luanda/Angola

Kocra Lossina Assoua, Ph.D, Executive Director, Farafina Institute, Germany

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