Jacques Owono (PhD)


Head of Country office, Cameroon
Project Manager Central Africa

Jacques Owono studied Philosophy and Catholic Theology (Ethic) at the Catholic University of Central Africa (CUCA) in Yaoude (Cameroon), where he carried out two Bachelor degrees in Philosophy and Theology and an excellent Master degree in Media ethics. In 2007, he started a Phd in Philosophy (with the specialisation in socio-ethics and interreligious studies) at the Bayreuth University, with the Title: 'Poverty and Impoverishment in Africa'. The main intention of the thesis is to show that Africa is not poor but that it is impoverished by many factors of which it makes an appropriate analysis. Using economic, political, socio-cultural and religious theories, he proposes an ethic of life and management of the "respublica", as a solution to the crisis. Mr. Owono was admited to the doctoral school of Intercultural Meetings (IPP), that enabled him to write his thesis in French and to widen its work to an international perception. Several scientifc journeys enabled him to carry out cultural and international experiences : In 2006, he was granted a three months research jouney in Cameroon, financed by IPP. In December 2007, he took part in a scientific journey in Israel/Palestine initiated by the University of Bayreuth. In 2008, he was as well granted six months abraod studies by the Catholic Foundation Missio (Aachen, Germany) at Universite de la Misericorde de Fribourg (Switzerland).
Later, in 2012, in the framework of the postdoctoral research at the University of Bamberg, Mr. Owono beneficiated from a six months research scholarship in Cameroon, financed by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation (Germany). His research topic concerns the rise and the spread of radical Islam in Central Africa with a focus on the future of interreligious relations, emergence of a system of interreligious dialogue, and a system of prevention and conflict resolution. The results of this research were published under the title "Terrorism or paraterrorism in Central Africa: the case of Boko Haram in Cameroon" (Connaissances et Savoirs 2017).

Jacques Owono is also a Certified project management expert (Level D / IPMA), including a practical project work at the German Society for Project Management eV (GPM Berlin) on "Development and planning of a roll-out of the newly created manual to master the refugee situation" in the municipalities within Germany.

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