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Transformative Social Change

Program Area

Drivers of Social Change

The Transformative Social Change program area is designed to investigate profound, enduring, fundamental, irreversible, and radical metamorphosis occurring in Africa.

We understand Transformative Social Change as a radical shift in dominant paradigms, underlying systems and ways of thought, believes and values that shape people’s behaviours, attitudes and perceptions as well as their capacity and capability to adapt to change and to advance transformation to sustainability. In other words, this holistic understanding of transformative social change involves a significant change not only in social practices, systems, structures, and institutions but also in how society perceives its future such that all existing social patterns are questioned and many are reconfigured and revisited.

FI holds the conviction that young people are the most essential drivers of social change and that concepts for change developed by young people themselves result in the most relevant and sustainable actions.
Johannesburg Workshop
Abidjan Workshop

FI’s portal ‘Action for Change’ (https://farafinaforchange.com) was conceptualized by participants of our international youth exchange programs for exactly that purpose: it enables transnational collaboration of young change-makers through the exchange of ideas and joint project development. It further contains resources that support young change-makers in their activities.