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SIRIUS – Policy Network on Migrant Education

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SIRIUS - Policy Network on Migrant Education

What is SIRIUS

SIRIUS is the international leading Policy Network on Migrant Education: the EU’s privileged adviser on these topics since 2012 and an independent network (International not for profit association) since 2017 including all major education stakeholders.


SIRIUS’ vision is a world where the universal right to education is fully implemented and discrimination at all levels of the educational system is eradicated. The Network strives for pupils from a migrant background to achieve the same educational standards as their native peers.



SIRIUS is a membership-based organisation that promotes the social inclusion of children and young people with migrant background by fostering their effective access to the universal right to education. SIRIUS encourages inclusive policymaking so that governments, authorities, schools and communities take action to promote and implement policies and measures aimed at reinforcing equity and social justice in education, improving educational opportunities, promoting social inclusion and fighting against discrimination.

SIRIUS particularly strives for:

  • The universal right to education for all without discrimination;
  • Increased high quality public education services for learners with a migrant background;
  • Better school integration and school transitions for learners with a migrant background;
  • The reduction of segregation and early school leaving;
  • The development of curricula that are respectful as regards to cultural, linguistic and religious diversity.


SIRIUS’ added value

The Network facilitates a cross-sector approach bringing together researchers, policymakers and practitioners in the field of migrant education as well as migrants and refugees themselves. Together, the members identify challenges and needs, exchange good practices and find collaborative ways to accomplish mutual goals. SIRIUS is committed to ensuring that all activities encourage exchange and collaboration among these groups of actors. It is SIRIUS’ conviction that only multi-stakeholder cooperation can foster equal education opportunities for migrant and refugee children and youth. SIRIUS is also the main partner of the European Commission and the privileged European level platform for dialogue, exchange of good practices, research and advocacy in the field of migrant and refugee education.


The overall objective of SIRIUS is to feed the best evidence and practice into the major education policy debates by mobilising mainstream migration and education activities and building the capacity of migrant and grassroots education initiatives. The specific objectives are:

  • To analyse and co-create knowledge on the main challenges and policy approaches for inclusive education for children and young people with a migrant background, with special attention to refugees, unaccompanied minors and other vulnerable learners;
  • To identify, share and promote good policy practice and stimulate innovation and mainstreaming in policy development, experimentation and implementation;
  • To disseminate results more widely and in more policy-friendly formats such as recommendations, guidance and tools


Farafina Institute e.V.

Contact: claudia.koehler@farafina-institute.org

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News: As part of the activities of SIRIUS, a working group made up of of civil society actors and scientists has drawn up a statement against discrimination in German schools. Find the full statement and further information in German under the following link.