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Transformations in Ghana: Turning ideas into business start-ups

Program Area

Youth Business Development

Transformations in Ghana: Turning ideas into business startups GIZ/CIM funded project in Ghana August 2020 to March 2022

Transformation of youth for successful lives as entrepreneurs is feasible and holds prospects for self and national development in Ghana. In this project, titled Transformations in Ghana: Turning ideas into business startups, Farafina Institute and its partner, Youth Network for Human Rights and Democracy in Ghana, seek to build capacities of 32 youth entrepreneurs in Ghana to access funds and develop their businesses into viable, competitive ventures. A central component of this project is the goal to provide fact-based information about migration to the youth participants in order to enable informed migration choices. The migration component is also to encourage youth to explore potentials in Ghana an option to migration. Jointly funded by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM), Farafina Institute builds on the earlier project titled Spreading the Word on Potentials for Excellence in Ghana. Thus, this current project targets outcomes that are steps above and more practical than the predecessor project. In terms of activities, the project will achieve its goals through training sessions on migration narrative, workshops across the entire country, zoned into three to cover the 16 regions, to further enhance participants’ entrepreneurial skills, and a research component to highlight the environmental potential and challenges that could affect youth business development.



Key outcomes of the project include business registration at the end of the project by majority of the youth participants, skills and knowledge in developing business plans, knowledge of funding sources, and expertise in migration narratives where participants serve as influencers for informed migration choices by young people. As before, the Farafina Institute’s portal for youth entrepreneurs to exchange, Action Portal, will be a central medium for the participants to engage with peers within and outside Ghana.

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Download here our project outputs.

Evaluation report: Read about participants’ views and level of satisfaction about the project based on an analysis of survey results.

Information on (crowd-)funding: Get an overview of funding opportunities for small businesses and business startups in Ghana or get basic tips on running a crowdfunding campaign an alternative or complementary strategy in raising funds for a business startup.

Business tutorial: Learn about how to set up a concrete and feasible business plan and to turn your ideas into action.