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VOIFUGEE – Voice of Refugees

Program Area

Voice of Refugees

Project description

The idea of this creative arts project was developed by young refugees from African countries (members of the groups Wind-Jain Eagles and Lucky Team Stars) together with Farafina Institute. 

Through this project, refguees from African countries will build their capacities in expressing their experiences as refugees regarding their journey and life in Europe and perceptions on societal issues through creative arts (music, movie, storytelling). As a result, they will produce songs, stories, a motivational speech and a short movie.

They will discuss their art work with young people and policy makers. This will contribute to raising awareness of their situation, diminishing stereotypes, and fostering their participation in democratic life. 

A workshop program will be developed and piloted by this project for the participants to discuss their experiences, perceptions and related art work with young people. This will provide the basis for them to continue offering workshops after the end of the project and become multipliers.


The objectives of the project are: 

– Facilitating opportunities and building capacities of refugees from African countries to engage and become empowered to participate in civic society and democratic life through cultural expression.

– Bringing together refugees from African countries with young people (young people in general and other young refugees) and policy makers at local and national level to enter into dialoge about issues concerning young refugees in Germany.

– Upscaling and professionalising the previous work of FI in the area of fostering democratic participation of African refugees in German society through arts.

The project is supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission.

Are you an African refugee living in Germany and interested in participating in the project? We are still accepting applications for VOIFUGEE. Please find more information in the attached document.